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Hello and welcome to the CNA Online Guide and CNAonlineguide.com. Here we will help you get on the right path for a CNA career and find CNA classes. CNA training programs are found all over the internet or in classrooms. Here, we are set up to give you information about the CNA career choices and the education required to become a CNA. CNA stands for Certified Nurse Assistant. This career is becoming more and more important in everyday healthcare. The CNAs of today are there to give help to the patients doctors and nurses. The CNAs functions and responsibilities are wide in range. The CNA classes will teach you about how to handle different situations that may arise also. They range from helping a patient move or get out of bed, to helping go to the restroom. A CNAs job is also to take a patients blood pressure. To read more about how you can become a CNA,please read the posts below this one. CNAs are a great career choice and sometimes you can get your education for free!!

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