What is CNA training ?

January 29, 2012

Certified Nursing Assistants or CNA’s are a very important part of the growing field of Nursing.  They play very important roles in patient care for nursing homes, hospitals and home hospice care.  CNAs are ultimately responsible for helping patients by providing care on a daily basis.  CNAs have also helped out in the growing field of home health care for the growing population of the baby boomers.  Since the need of CNAs have increased so much recently, CNA training has become an important part of healthcare education.

CNA training and education is different from each state and the responsibilities also are different depending on the place of business you are staffed.  But having said that, a lot of the common or more basic duties have to be known and taught to all.  CNAs have duties and responsibilities that are vital in everyday hospitalization.  Such duties are providing assistance on the operation room, checking blood pressure and vital signs, cleaning and bathing the patients and feeding.

CNA training involves some even more critical learning.  A CNA must also be heavily trained in stool and urine collection, helping the patients walk and use the restroom, help turn them over and get in and out of the bed properly and lifting patients.  A CNA must also be well versed in First Aid Training and must know Physical Therapy skills.  CNAs must also help patients in basic exercising.

CNAs have several options in getting trained.  A CNA can be trained in a classroom, a hospital or online.  The CNAs that are trained in hospitals have an advantage from being trained hands on.  People can also get trained online and in a classroom setting.  Its really up to each individual as to how you would want to be trained.  Students that are lab trained get more access to more people and lab knowledge.

CNA training and the cost can vary from each institution.  Its a growing field that pays well.  Also, with the growth of the baby boomers, CNAs will become more and more in need.

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